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Explore our properties

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We’re here to support your ambitions through our experience as a leading manager of industrial, logistics and office properties. Enjoy the highest level of service from day one from our property management team who bring global knowledge and local know-how to meet your unique needs.

With sustainability built into our spaces and services, we take a collaborative approach to working with you to meet your ESG targets and business goals.

Let us take care of the property management

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Active asset management

Enhancing value through strategic planning and proactive optimisation of assets, ensuring maximising investor returns and sustained growth in the investment portfolio.

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Property management

Expertly handling all aspects of the property experience for our customers and ensuring operational efficiency to safeguard and maximise property performance.

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Tailoring comprehensive leasing solutions to attract and retain quality customers, foster occupancy, and drive value while aligning with market trends and investor objectives.

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ESG for prosperity in a transforming world 

From climate change to digitalisation, our world is transforming. At ESR Australia, we’re rapidly evolving to meet the changing needs of our customers, investors, communities, and our own people. We’re proud to be contributing to achieving an environmentally and socially sustainable future for all.  

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