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ESG for prosperity in a transforming world

ESG for prosperity in a transforming world

Green & Ready

Inclusive & Well

Responsible & Resilient

At ESR Australia, we recognise the need to evolve to meet the rapidly changing needs of our customers, investors, communities, and our own people.

From climate change to digitalisation, our world is transforming, and we seek excellence in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) to best navigate it for the prosperity of our stakeholders and ourselves .

Internally we continue to integrate throughout everything we do and how we behave.We are proud of the contribution we are increasingly making to achieving an environmentally and socially sustainable future for all.

Some of the ways we are creating better outcomes for our customers.

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Green Star ratings for all new developments
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Climate risk management and decarbonisation
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Environmental performance monitoring and optimisation over time
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Solar systems and electric vehicle infrastructure
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Well-being and social inclusion initiatives

Our ESG pillars

ESG is integral to our business, funds and portfolio, providing positive outcomes for our stakeholders.

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1.  Green & Ready

Our properties provide great sustainability solutions for our customers, into the future.


Deliver high-performance green properties

Provide clean energy solutions to our customers

Transition to low embodied carbon net zero developments

Establish a circular resources strategy

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 2.  Inclusive & Well

We pursue diversity, equality, inclusion and health & wellbeing for our own people and our stakeholders.


Mature our diversity, equity & inclusion program 

Support employee and property user health & wellbeing 

Advance reconciliation action with Indigenous Australians 

Evolve our corporate and property community engagement approach 

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3. Responsible & Resilient

We are responsible to our stakeholders and support resiliency for us and them.


Set a pathway to be a net zero company

Pursue a responsible & safe supply chain

Enhance the resilient operation of our business and properties

Achieve sustainable digitalisation with our use of digital technology

Optimise the use of sustainable finance 

Our ESG Principles

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We're accountable and transparent
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We embrace ethics
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We apply diligent oversight
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We’re collaborative partners
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We’re long-term focused
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We act with credibility
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Supporting communities

We are proud to support organisations such as Eat Up Australia and Healthy Heads in Trucks and Sheds that are focused on improving the lives and wellbeing of those that are part of our communities and beyond.

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Introducing an Australian-first renewable energy partnership

As the world looks to cleaner, renewable energy solutions, ESR is dedicated to becoming a leader in the field.

ESR Australia have partnered with Solar Bay to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy infrastructure and e-mobility solutions to benefit customers of ESR properties.

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