Whistleblower Policy

ESR Australia is committed to maintaining high standards of business ethics. ESR Australia encourages its employees, officers, services providers and their associates to report concerns about improprieties relating to the Group. The Whistleblower Policy deals with issues relating to the reporting of dishonest, fraudulent, corrupt, unethical, and illegal conduct to ensure compliance with the laws and regulations, particularly the relevant whistleblower protection provisions under the Corporations Act applicable to ESR Australia and its employees, officers, service providers and their associates.

Please read ESR Australia’s Whistleblowing Policy before you, as an outside third party, proceed to file a Whistleblowing Report Form (Report). The Whistleblowing Policy has been established to encourage and assist whistleblowers to disclose information relevant to misconducts, malpractices or irregularities through a confidential reporting channel. ESR Australia will handle the Report with care and will treat the whistleblower’s concerns fairly and properly. If you wish to make a Report, please use this template and send to the email address at whistleblowing@esr.com together with any supporting documents.