Looking to the Future and Reflecting on the Past

Image: Petersville at Mulgrave

As stage 1 of development on our site at Wellington Place is nearing completion, we are celebrating the rich history of Petersville as a formative part of Mulgrave. Built in 1962, Petersville was home to Peters Ice Cream and is significant in its contribution to the growth of manufacturing both locally in Mulgrave, and more broadly in Australia. The post-war architecture of the administration building was distinct of the era and has since received heritage listing to celebrate the site’s significance. Designed by the architectural office of D Graeme Lumsden, the site was associated with the growth of manufacturing to the suburbs. This association is seen in the layout of the site, with the distinctive street frontage of the administration site and the warehouse buildings further back. Lumsden has been described as one of Australia’s most successful industrial architects and commissioned sites for Volkswagen Australia, Glaxo and Leyland Motors. The Victorian State Government note how the site’s “prominent siting alongside a major road, landscape setting and distinctive design features denote the growth and prestige of large manufacturers during the era.” It was opened by the Governor of Victoria, Sir Rohan Delacombe on 12 May 1964. ESR Australia and Frasers Property Industrial are continuing the prestige of the site with our development at Wellington Place. We are committed to honouring the history of our sites and working on ways to incorporate these elements in our own designs. Looking to the future, we are excited to welcome another industry leader into their new home at Wellington Place. Following in the footsteps of Peters Ice Cream, Edgell, Four’n Twenty Pies and Birdseye, Nissan Motor Co. will be part of a strong legacy of industry leaders residing at 254-294 Wellington Rd, Mulgrave. Find out more about what Wellington Place has to offer here.