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We are a specialist fund manager with a range of funds and mandates and a proven track record.

We have strong fund management capabilities

Our fund management platform features a broad range of funds and investment vehicles that invest in a portfolio of premium logistics and business park properties. We have proven expertise in managing capital on behalf of institutional investors and raising equity or debt via our capital partners.

Our approach is to invest in assets through direct ownership and through the funds we manage, while co-investing.

ESR Australia has an experienced team of investment and fund management professionals and an existing portfolio with a proven track record. The fund management team delivers strong results and grows relationships with global investors. The portfolio of funds and mandates has grown significantly with the most recent introductions of EALP III, EMP and EADP.

With a dedicated team of inhouse asset and property professionals, we manage the properties within our funds and mandates as part of our integrated business model.

Features of our Investment Platform:

  • Fund Management

    Well-established, specialist fund manager, strong track record delivering investment outcomes, co-invest in funds we establish.

  • Capital Partners

    Access to capital and project funding through relationships with leading global and institutional investors, we act as a single interface to multiple investment opportunities.

  • Opportunities

    Creating new opportunities for investors to gain exposure to the high-growth logistics real estate sector.

Capital Partners

We have long-term, multi-market relationships with leading global investors.

One of our co-founders is Warburg Pincus, and our cornerstone investor is OMERS Administration Corporation (Oxford Properties). We have the backing of other preeminent investors including GIC, Townsend Group, APG, SK Holdings,, CPPIB, Ping An, Allianz Real Estate and CSOBOR Fund. The confidence of our capital partners is evidenced through the ongoing demand for opportunities, and significant investments In our funds and mandates. Through these relationships, we have access to equity and debt for future projects.

Active Funds

We have a range of active investment funds and mandates, providing investors with exposure to core-plus business park assets and core-plus industrial assets primarily across the east coast of Australia.

  • ESR Australia Logistics Partnership III (EALPIII)

    ESR Australia Logistics Partnership (EALPIII) is the third extension of the core plus logistics strategy of the business, launched in September 2022.

    • Highlights
    • $600m equity commitment
    • 10% Co-investment
  • ESR Australia Development Partnership II (EADPII)

    ESR Australia Development Partnership II (EADPII) is a develop-to-hold logistics fund providing investors access to high quality development assets in strategic locations on the Australian eastern seaboard. It is the successor of the fully allocated ESR Australia Development Partnership  (EADP) that was established in August 2020 with $1bn of equity commitments.

    • Highlights
    • $540m initial equity committment
    • Target fund size of $1bn
    • 10% Co-investment
  • ESR Milestone Partnership (EMP)

    ESR Milestone Partnership (EMP) was launched in June 2021 for the acquisition of the Milestone portfolio, a $3,400m portfolio consisting of 45 Australian industrial assets. EMP is an open-ended industrial partnership focused on delivering a stabilised income return with access to an enhanced return through active asset management and redevelopment opportunities

  • ESR Australia Logistics Trust (EALT)

    EALT was launched in 2019 as a mandate with China Merchants Capital Investment Co. Ltd. Launched as an industrial portfolio with functional warehouse, logistics and business park assets invested predominantly on the east coast of Australia.

    • Highlights
    • 9 Assets
    • 20% Co-investment
  • ESR Office Partnership IV (EOP IV)

    EOP IV was launched in 2019. Currently containing one business park asset, the fund provides investors with exposure to the office market in Sydney’s North West with the opportunity for ESR’s active asset management to create value through leasing and capital improvement strategies.

    • Highlights
    • 1 Business Park Asset
    • 11% Co-investment
  • Propertylink Office Partnership III (POP III)

    POP III was was established in 2016 to provide investors with exposure to office assets in Sydney’s North West with the opportunity for ESR’s active asset management to create value through leasing and capital improvement strategies.

    • Highlights
    • 3 Business Park Assets
    • 11% Co-investment